Originally a brittle steel sword with low stats and very shiny, found late one night in a shop after hours. Enhanced using a series of spells in order to test the creation process. Was bought for extremely cheap due to mistakes during production. Made into magic sword on a whim to impress a receptionist. Went over broad during creation and tried to disguise with overwrite false data. sword was corrupted in process.

Named Gelida Ventus because it sounded cool when Main Character first woke up that morning, regretted after thinking about it but unable to change due to corrupted data. means something along the lines of freezing wind in Latin.

Actual Description: Brittle steel sword of inferior make, low durability, easily breaks, very shiny. Enhancements, harden, flexible, keen edge, penetrate, protect, reflect, deflect, light weight, gravity manipulation, fluid motion, X speed, X accuracy, X attack, X defense, unbreakable, unmoving, indomitable, full potential, maximize power,null corrosion, null ice, null cold, null freeze, greater elemental resistance, manipulate ice level 10, freezing level 10, blizard level 10, maximize magic

Fake Description: Holy sword bestowed by the heavens to save the world, made from Mithril alloy that shines like silver, extremely high durability polished and blessed by angels. Enhancements, Holy freezing, elemental resistance

Enchantments cast: passive

harden, strengthens item making harder to break

flexible, increases flexibility of the material

keen edge, increases sharpness of a blade

penetrate, easily penetrate through objects with low defense

protect, protection against heavy weapon breaking attacks

reflect, can reflect magic that effects object

deflect, deflects magic thrown at object

light weight, reduces weight of object while being held

fluid motion, allows quick movement while striking

indomitable, user can not be defeated while holding

X speed, increases users speed

X accuracy, increases users accuracy

X attack, increases users attack

X defense, increases users defense

full potential, all object stats raised

maximize power, raises max stats

null corrosion, prevents corrosion from aging usage, and attacks

null ice, nullify mid level ice damage

null cold, nullify low level ice damage

null freeze, nullify high level ice damage

greater elemental resistance, high increases to resistance against elemental attacks

Enchantments cast: active

unbreakable, can not be destroyed except by user commands

unmoving, can not be moved except by user commands

gravity manipulation, effect field of gravity around object

manipulate ice level 10, adjust ice/cold output and shoot/slash ice

freezing level 10, encases sword in ice and freezes all it touches,

blizzard level 10, create a wicked vortex of ice and snow

maximize magic, maximize magic cast by 100%